About Us

With over 7400 members, the COPS Trust is a Non-Profit – Statewide Health and Welfare Fund established in 1994 by M.A.P.O.. A product of Union Bargaining, COPS Trust is designed to provide excellent Medical, Dental and Vision benefit options, as a competitor of Blue Cross & Blue Shield, for Michigan Police Officers, Firefighters, Public Safety Officers, Dispatchers and Clerical Personel.

How Many Are Insured?

Over 14,000 Insured Members + Family Members

Managing Board

COPS Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees:

  • Chairman Nate Johnson
  • Vice Chair Fred Timpner
  • Secretary Richard Weiler
  • Detroit Command Ariq Tosqui
  • Detroit LSA Mark Young
  • Detroit RETIREES Don Taylor
  • DFFA Mike Nevin
  • DPOA Mark Diaz
  • MAPO Mike Sauger
  • MSPTA Scott Reinacher
  • POLC Robert¬†Figurski