Welcome to COPS Insurance Company

Secure, Transparent, and Flexible Group Health Insurance for Public Safety First Responders

At COPS Insurance Company, we understand the critical role that public safety professionals play in our communities. Our commitment is to offer insurance solutions that are as dedicated and resilient as the heroes we serve.


COPS Insurance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Coalition of Public Safety Employee’s Health Trust (Trust), offers comprehensive group health insurance policies. These policies cover medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision needs. The Trust, established in 1994, has a proven track record of providing improved health benefits at competitive pricing through strategic partnerships and quality service providers.


Our mission is to empower public safety first responders—including police, fire, paramedics, sheriffs, and correctional officers—with a competitive, flexible, and transparent group health insurance plan. Unlike traditional plans, our offerings are designed to meet the unique healthcare needs and financial risks associated with their profession, giving them greater control and insight into their benefits.


Public safety professionals require specialized health benefits that are often not met by standard insurance plans. These professionals face unique health risks and deserve a benefit plan that reflects their needs and provides flexibility and transparency.

COPS Insurance Company provides a range of group health insurance policies. These plans are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of public safety professionals.


Join us at COPS Insurance Company, where we are dedicated to providing the best in group health insurance for those who serve and protect our communities. For more information, please refer to the detailed sections of our operational plan or contact us directly.