Coalition of Public Safety Employees Health Trust

2022 Open Enrollment period is October 18—November 9

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COPS Trust was originally born out of the Michigan Police Legislature Coalition (MPLC). The coalition worked on police and public safety issues, utilizing lobbyists in Lansing, MI. The coalition worked in conjunction with all of the Police Labor Unions, including high level contract negotiations. During these negotiations, the government continually asked the officers to pay more and more of their own health benifits, thereby reducing government costs.

One of the coalition members, Police Officer Tom Schneider, realized that there had to be a better way. He understood that police officers and firefighters had lower claim rates than all other occupations. These officers go through extensive screening and training before they are employed to ensure good health. He decided to form a statewide health care fund to help the public safety officers. After all of the legal paperwork was finalized, COPS Trust started operations in 1994 with the Detroit Police Officers Association as its innaugural membership base. They began open enrollment to other public safety employees in 1999.

With unending rising health care costs in site, the COPS Trust plan is more valuable than ever. It is our goal to continue to provide the highest benifits possible at the lowest cost.